Pictogramme Protec Card

About us

Tireless creator, the Boss never gives up... The sky is the limit! How far will it lead us?
King of the Code, geek in a suit, the scientific rigour of our technical director does not prevent him from being also very comfortable in Aqua Pony!
Our Innovation Manager is a real chocolate, the outside, melting inside.
Our production manager has only one concern in mind: the quality and the good delivery of the products.
A financial director with a sense of humour? Yes it exists! In our Company.
An issue, a question? The most smiling Customer Service in Paris has all the answers... and the warmth of Italy in addition! Pronto?
They support us

Protec Card FrenchTech Protec Card BPI Protec Card Finance Innovation Protec Card Captronic Protec Card Region île de France

Protec Card Champagne

Champagne Bubble
Protec Card Noir

Black Night
Protec Card Argent

Soft Silver
Protec Card Rose

Golden Pink
Protec Card Bleu

Deep Blue


Connectivity: Bluetooth Low Energy v4.1.
iOS compatibility: iPhone 5 and later models, iOS 10.2 minimum.
Android iOS compatibility: Smartphones with Android 5.0 or later.
Dimensions: 85x55x2.9mm
Delivery time: 24 à 72h
Transportation: La Poste or Colissimo.
Shipping: France: 2.60€ Europe: 5.60€
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