Pictogramme Protec Card

Forgotten or stolen,
stay connected to your bank card and your wallet

A smart App

Protec Card Géolocalisation
Geolocation :

Allows you to determine the cause of the absence of the card: forgotten or stolen.
Distance sensing :

Be alerted as soon as your bank card moves more than 50 metres for more than 5 minutes.*

* Alert times are adjustable via the app
Protec Card Éloignement carte bancaire
Protec Card Détecteur de carte bancaire
Presence detector :

Be alerted if your bank card is no longer in your Protec Card for more than 2 minutes.*

* Alert times are adjustable via the app
Comfort zone :

Put the alert system of Protec Card automatically on mute in the places you define.
Protec Card Opposition rapide
Cancellation :

Contact your bank's opposition service in one click.

A design case

Protec Card LifeStyle
Compact and lightweight :

Thickness : 2,9 mm
Weight : 19g
Easily fits :

Protects your wallet or your handbag against theft.
Protec Card Portefeuille
Protec Card Design
Aluminum :

Prevents contactless payments (anti-RFID blocking).
Autonomy 6 months :

Rechargeable via USB port.
Protec Card USB
Protec Card Champagne

Champagne Bubble
Protec Card Noir

Black Night
Protec Card Argent

Soft Silver
Protec Card Rose

Golden Pink
Protec Card Bleu

Deep Blue


Connectivity: Bluetooth Low Energy v4.1.
iOS compatibility: iPhone 5 and later models, iOS 10.2 minimum.
Android iOS compatibility: Smartphones with Android 5.0 or later.
Dimensions: 85x55x2.9mm
Delivery time: 24 à 72h
Transportation: La Poste or Colissimo.
Shipping: France: 2.60€ Europe: 5.60€
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