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Is my smartphone compatible with the Protec Card application?
The Protec Card application is compatible with:

- iPhone 5 and later models/iOS 10.2 and later versions

- Android 5 and later versions
How does the Protec Card recharge?
Your Protec Card is charging with its USB connector:
Protec Card Recharge USB
Will the use of Bluetooth empty the battery of my smartphone?
Protec Card uses the Bluetooth 4.1 Low Energy which has the property to limit the energy consumption The overconsumption generated by your Protec Card is 1% of your battery.
Can the Protec card application locate my credit card in real time?
Protec Card is not a GPS tracker, it tells you the last known location where it has been located by your smartphone.
Can I put several cards in the Protec card?
Protec Card allows you to insert a single card.
What if I want to change my card?
Simply change the name of your banking organization (if it is different) in the settings (opposition information).
What if I want to give or lend my Protec Card to someone around me?
Protec Card can be re-configured for a new person. From the Setup menu on your phone, go to the "actions on your Protec card" section: Delete your Protec card.
Can I connect several Protec Card to my smartphone?
Your smartphone can only be synchronized with one Protec Card.
How do I synchronize my Protec Card with my smartphone?
Check the following points beforehand:

- Your Protec Card has been loaded (minimum 1 hour)

- You have an Internet connection

- The Bluetooth is on in the settings of your phone

- No other Protec Card has already been associated with your phone (if this is the case, delete this association)
What about the confidentiality of my geolocation data?
Your geolocation data is only used by your smartphone and the company that manages the application does not have access to your geolocation data.
Protec Card Champagne

Champagne Bubble
Protec Card Noir

Black Night
Protec Card Argent

Soft Silver
Protec Card Rose

Golden Pink
Protec Card Bleu

Deep Blue


Connectivity: Bluetooth Low Energy v4.1.
iOS compatibility: iPhone 5 and later models, iOS 10.2 minimum.
Android iOS compatibility: Smartphones with Android 5.0 or later.
Dimensions: 85x55x2.9mm
Delivery time: 24 à 72h
Transportation: La Poste or Colissimo.
Shipping: France: 2.60€ Europe: 5.60€
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